Air Import

 Business Introduction  

  As an IATA agent for all major airlines, Zephyr Logistics offers a complete range of air freight services with internationally recoganized quality and speed. With our robust global air freight network, we cover your businesses and markets anywhere in the world – from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers.

Our air freight experts operate around the clock to ensure your products reach their destinations with the quickest transit time, optimal routings and maximum cost-efficiency.

Though our proprietary Zephyr logistics supply chain visibility platform, you are able to track and trace your shipments right from the moment the products are picked up through to delivery along the supply chains.

  • Properly arranging import shipments
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Temporary imports
  • Pre custom clearance
  • Customs consultancy
  • Secure delivery to the consignee
  • Proof of Delivery immediately available for imports

   When it comes to air freight transportation, Zephyr logistics has the right solution for you.