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·May/2015, relocation announcement of Zephyr Shanghai braches: 1111, Enterprise Square, No. 228 Meiyuan Road, Shanghai 200070. P.R.China Tel+86 21-63802211[2015-5]
· May/2015, succeed in 2015 contract renewal procedures with HANJIN from China to North America, obtain significant price advantages for China / North-America.[2015-5]
· March/2015, assist international large mining equipment enterprise to arrange importation for large electric wheel business.[2015-3]
· January/2015, the successful completion of automotive interior trim parts logistics distribution for GM during 2014-2015.[2015-1]
· December/2014, assist international large medical equipment enterprise to arrange NMR machine maintenance business from China to USA for repair then return back to China.[2014-12]
· In May 2014, Undertake 2 sets of 350MW Gas Steam Combined Cycle Heating Units import transportation and customs clearance formalities for a large thermal power company in Beijing. [2014-5]
· In Jan.2014, Undertake large-scale equipment door-to-door import project of China National Chemical Construction Shaanxi Import & Export Company. [2014-1]
· In September 2013, through the international bidding, we became trading supporter and logistics supplier for famous Swiss outdoor brand MAMMUT [2013-9]
· In August 2013, through the international bidding, we became global logistics supplier for singal devce system of Beijing subway No. 14 contruction project.
· In August 2013, through the international bidding, we became global logistics supplier for singal devce system of Beijing subway No. 14 contruction project. [2013]
· Through international bidding, we become logistics supplier of Boeing aircraft manufacturing group co., LTD. We are in charge of the logistics and customs facilities related to the manufacturing project for aircraft tails of Boeing 747 and 757 produced by Boeing Tianjin Composites Co., Ltd., XAC GROUP and CAC GROUP under authorization of Boeing Corporation. Our businesses refer to import and export of international ocean shipments, customs transit in domestic logistics park of China, customs supervision, long-distance transportation supervision, door to door transportation services. [2013]
· Authorized by Medical department of Peking University, we sucessfully completed the door to door transportation project for medicial CELL STRAIN with extremely high requirement of humidity and temperature controlling. [2013]
· July 2013, through the international tender, we undertook the Electronics LCD project of Samsung Suzhou LCD Co., Ltd., we haved sucessfully completed the door to door transportation operations for project equipments and raw materials. [2013-7]
· Under a contract valid through 2015, we will Import equipments for the biological medicine bottle packing line to Shanghai. [2013-5]
· Through international bidding, we become international logistics supplier of Whirlpool Coporation which is the world leading household appliances brand. we have undertook international logistics business for Whirlpool since March 2013. [2013-3]
· From February to May in 2013, we imported large scale equipments from Genoa, Italy to Le Shan, Sichuan. [2013-2]
· With the endeavor of all zephyr operation team, we finished the CDC railway Comprehensive maintenance vehicle project successfully. Based on the close relationship with carriers,custom officials and railway department, we saved a a great amount of money and time for the customer.  [2013-2-27]
· In February 2013, we accomplished door to door transportation project for Harbin Electric Corporation (QHD) Heavy Equipment Company Limited, by delivering high level nuclear power units, large gas turbine units, and million kilowatt nuclear power generators plus their accessories safely and efficiently. [2013-2]
· Janurary 2013, we handled the integrated maintenance vehicle project in self-run railway lines for import energy sources of China National Coal Development Co., Ltd. With our professional, responsible, most considerate and meticulous services, we have gained high praises from both supply and demand sides. [2013-1]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd Qingdao office had relocated our office on 14th,August, 2013 in order to meet our business develope needs. The new offices information are listed as following
Address: A-1911 Top Yihe Int'l, No.10 HongKong mid road,Qingdao 266071,P.R.China Tel:+86-532-85025900 Fax +86-532-85025901  [2012-8-20]
· In April 15, 2011, Zephyr arranged the transport for 2 Arctic white whales. The whales have been transit from Moscow to shanghai Pudong airport by plane and arrive in smoothly from the Moscow air to Shanghai Pudong Airport, and arrived safely in Shanghai Changfeng Ocean Park aquarium in the morning. These two lovely Arctic white whales will meet with all the visitors after 30 days of quarantine period.  [2011-4-27]
· Zephyr provided logistics chain service for Avic Chengdu Aircraft Industrial(group) Co.,Ltd and Avic Xi’an Aircraft Industry(Group) company Ltd. Zephyr also became the transportation provider for the Avic International Aero-development company’s Boeing 747-8 ‘s flat tail and vertical fin project.  [2011-3-27]
· The fourth summer Davos Forum 2010 new leader will be held on September 13, 2010 in Tianjin. Zephyr became the WEF meeting specified logistics service providers, Zephyr was responsible for the logistics planning, logistics solutions and import DDU service for all the media magazine. As a strong logistics supporter, Zephyr offered great support and effective protection of the normal operation of the media magazine. Zephyr made a great contributions to the success of summer Davos 2010.  [2010-9-27]
· The transportation of hammerhead sharks for Shanghai Chang Feng Park.  [2010-7]
· The key project has been completed successfully by Zephyr: two Giant Pandas’ transportation to Australia. [2009-11-27]
· The transportation of sharks for Shanghai Chang Feng Park. [2009-11]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd. be the carries for Taizhou Datun aluminum items. [2009-6]
· Zephyr Beijing Company moved to a new address. [2009-5-22]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd. as a carrier for Ivanhoe shipment in charge of ship the cargo to Inner Mongolia. [2009-5]
· In our efforts, our Zephyr successfully completed of the ThyssenKrupp large equipment carriage of goods project. [2009-4]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd. be the carrier for Anhui Suzhou Ziying coal washing/choosing machine shipping projects. [2008-2009]
· As a designated forwarder, we were responsible for transporting the whole factory move in Dalian. [2008-11]
· The equipments for “LinKin Park” that Zephyr in charged for their China Concert Tour,has been successfully returned to South Korea, Pusan. [2008-11]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd. takes charge of Qinshan project phase two equipment – transportation of reheater. [2008-10]
· Zephyr logistics Ltd. takes charge of Tianjin Waterway Bureau mire ship engine and positioning pile transport projects. [2008-9]
· As transportation enterprises been designated for Thailand national art exhibition cycle transport work. [2008-6]
· We become German famous tool brand BOSCH the special permission physical distribution supplier, operates them to sell to China's tool. [2008-2]
· Beijing headquarter office organizes the picnic activity to race horses inInner Mongolia. [2007-9]
· Our bonded warehouse passed the US C-TPAT authentication. [2007-8]
· Zephyr Logistics Ltd., Dalian Branch official established, provides the powerful support for the northeast area service development. [2007-7]
· Zephyr Logistic Ltd. has become to their licensed logistic agent in charge of their export shipment from United States to China. [2007-5]
· In order to coordinate ZEPHYR in the Shanghai service unceasing growth, a new branch opens in Shanghai. [2007-5]
· Come to a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the ALSTOM electric power,omni-directional to support for its Chinese area provision of service. [2007-3]
· To become the only entire forwarding agent for Citroen automobile while Beijing international automobile exhibition. [2006-10]